Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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Microsoft's Windows 10 to Feature Unexpected Updates

The fact that Microsoft planned on making some new changes with the release of the Windows 10 is no secret.

 In fact, Microsoft has been through a lot of changes lately, the famous company being willing to gain back its lost glory.

The Windows 10 was believed to be one of the best ways for Microsoft to be able to achieve that, but it seems that the famous company has to deal with some criticism on its decisions linked to the Windows 10.

The recent criticism was focused on the fact that Microsoft will release automated updates and it will not actually define their purpose to end users.

Such updates will be focused on enhancing Windows 10, but that might be all that the famous company will tell users. So, these automatic updates will not tell users their purpose and this might be considered quite frustrating by many.

Microsoft's Windows 10 Updates

The fact is that while many users have never read the information that comes with updates, there are numerous others who have been used to do so when it comes to Windows.

One of the debates around this lack of transparency was focused on the fact that sometimes updates can cause some problems to users.

These problems may lead to endless reboot cycles or the existence of some bugs. However, if users won't know what the updates are for, they may have no idea what causes certain bugs to their devices. Even though this is just a possibility, not offering users the depth given before has met some criticism.

However, this does not mean that Windows 10 should not receive appreciation. This new system, due to the security strategy that Microsoft has previously implemented, is the most stable and secure Windows version released until now. This makes numerous users extremely happy with the newest operating system.

Maybe, Microsoft will decide to continue to provide users the information it used to in the past, to make sure that it will keep all users satisfied.

When being asked if it would make such a change, a rep for the tech giant claimed that additional information will be provided only "depending on the significance of the update and if it is bringing new functionality to Windows customers." This means that Microsoft will only be explaining what it considers to be a significant update.

With the release of the Windows 10, Microsoft planned on creating a general system that would span over all Microsoft devices.

This includes desktops, tablets or phones, which will be operating the same or a similar system. With this move, Microsoft hoped that it would be able to draw more attention on all its smart devices.

If this will mean more success for the Windows Phone is yet to find out. However, this is a market on which Microsoft has mostly disappointed, so the famous company needs to find a way to make its device successful.

How successful the Windows 10 and all of the tech giant's devices will turn out to be remains unknown for now.


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