Friday, April 24, 2015

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Xiaomi Mi 4i to be released in India

It seems that Chinese companies have started to try to expand their businesses and success oversees. This apparently is the case of China's Xiaomi, which is set to release the Mi 4i on the Indian market. Xiaomi launched its first phone aimed at overseas customers on Thursday.

The phone was actually created especially for the Indian market, so Xiaomi developers actually tried to make it appealing to Indian buyers.

Some of the features that may be considered quite interesting for customers include a big battery, to compensate for spotty electricity supplies, experienced in many parts of the country. Moreover, Xiaomi seems to have put its focus on the price of its new phone.

The Xiaomi Mi 4i may be considered quite affordable, compared to other devices. If this 5-inch smartphone costs around 12,999 rupees, the iPhone 6, for instance, can be found in India at the price of 53,400.

Xiaomi Mi 4i to be released in India
So, Xiaomi is trying to conquer the Indian market with a similar strategy as the one it used in China. The smartphone maker actually took the top of China's smartphone market, offering great devices in terms of specs at low costs.

The fact that Xiaomi is trying to take over the Indian market is not shocking at all. In fact, the popular company has been losing some ground in China, due to the increased and tough competition faced there.
Consequently, growth has decreased on this market, despite Xiaomi's efforts to sale online products to customers from all around the country and reduce costs.

The new smartphone was announced by the company's president during an official event held in the capital of India, New Delhi, in front of no less than 1,500 fans. Holding such events has become a custom for Xiaomi, which seems to take on the example of Apple.

Today is a very, very special day for us, it’s the day when we’ve taken the biggest step as a young five-year-old company that we’ve ever done into global markets by putting our best phone forward, by building a flagship phone designed just for India.
It speaks volumes to our focus on India, our intentions and really putting our investment where we believe the future of the company is, Xiaomi's Global Vice President, Hugo Barra, claimed. 

Mr. Barra also alleged that the product was created for Indian customers. He said that this device comes with beauty features conceived for this market, including smoothing wrinkles and lightening skin tone.

There are many similarities between the Indian and Chinese market, which determined Xiaomi to choose this country for its future development. Such as China, India is home to an impressive number of smartphone shoppers and many potential first-time buyers.

Currently, the leader on this market is Samsung, but Xiaomi has great chances into conquering customers, mostly due to the affordable price of its devices.

The Chinese company has also increased its store presence in India, to make sure that it will draw a bigger demand.

However, exactly how the device will do on the market is something yet to be found out. Analysts expect for Xiaomi to be a success in India, but it is yet to see how the market will react to the product.


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