Saturday, September 26, 2015

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Amazon has launched Fire TV

Among the two interesting tablets it launched, Fire HD 8 and 10, Amazon has also made another release and it is called Fire TV. This means that Amazon is trying to get into customers' living rooms with a new 4K-streaming device, but also with a new version of the Fire TV Stick that comes packed with a voice remote, for voice controls.

To be mentioned that these devices look practically the same with the previous models, but the giant retailer declared that the big changes had happened on the inside. This means that the new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick come with some serious software tricks and improved hardware.

Well, the question that every customer is asking now is if this new device will we be equal to or even better than Google Chromecast or Apple TV.

For starters, the new Amazon Fire TV is available for pre-orders and costs 100 dollars. As it was mentioned before, this new box looks identical with the previous model, meaning that it is a small and simple black box that carries the Amazon logo up and some ports on the back. However, customers should not let the design decide, because the real deal is hidden under the chase.

The company declared that this box comes with a quad-core MediaTek CPU and will have approximately 75 percent more processing power than the previous model.

Moreover, Amazon Fire TV features a microSD card slot that supports up to 12GB cards and an 8GB of onboard storage, Dolby Audio, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Moreover, the ports situated on the back are composed of a power jack, Ethernet jack, an HDMI port, a USB port and a microSD card slot.

However, the main attraction on this box is the 4K streaming. This means if the owner has a 4K-capable TV, he will be able to use the glorious ultra-high-definition content.

To be added that both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have content at the ready. Moreover, the Fire TV offers voice controls, meaning that users could talk with their personal assistant, Alexa. Users just need to press the microphone button and ask whatever they want, for example check the weather, sport scores or their favorite music. Alexa could also play movies or find a particular episode of a TV show, but this feature will be available only starting with the next year.

Well, the Amazon Fire TV seems to be a really interesting device, but its success might be influenced by what its competitors will bring. This segment of the market draws a lot of competition, even more so, as after years of waiting, Apple has finally decided to update its Apple TV.

Customers have waited for long for this update and Apple expects the new device to receive a huge interest on the market and even get supremacy. In this context, it is yet to find out what customers will choose and if the Amazon device will be better than what its competitors have to offer on the market.


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