Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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JBL Flip 3, a new portable speaker

This new JBL Bluetooth speaker is the third portable speaker that the company has released on the market. The new portable speaker comes with more features, including splashproof design and an improved battery life.

The company claims that the battery can go up to 10 hours of use, while the price remains the same as the previous model, 100 dollars. As we know from other portable speakers, JBL also plays any audio content from a Bluetooth-enabled source, like tablet, smartphone or a recent computer.

The new JBL Flip 3 is available in seven colors and like the previous model, this speaker can stand up vertically or can lay out horizontally. However, users should know that if they use the speaker in vertical mode, one of the bass ports will be covered and so, the device will not perform at its maximum capacities.

For a full sound experience it is recommended to use it in horizontal mode. JBL Flip 3 weights approximately 15.0 ounces, which is perfect for traveling, ensuring mobility. Unfortunately, there is no carrying case included in the package, but the speaker seems pretty durable, so there will be no problem transporting it around depending on the user's needs.

When it comes to use, customers should know that the answer/end button doubles as a pause/play button, but will also offer users the possibility to skip tracks forward and back. They just need to double tap to skip the track forward or triple tap to skip back.

This is quite useful for users to know, as otherwise they might think that this speaker doesn’t come with a pause/play button. Probably JBL has built a multifunctional button just to save space on the speaker’s layout.

To be added that the new JBL Flip 3 comes with a built-in noise and echo cancelling speakerphone and also users can wirelessly link multiple JBL speakers together to amplify the sound. Moreover, this portable speaker houses Bluetooth 4.1 technology and the company claims that the streaming range can go up to 33 feet.

Even if it’s a good idea to pair a couple of these JBL speakers for a great performance, a single Flip 3 will also do its job. This new portable speaker offers a good sound experience and plays very loud due to its small size. The new JBL Flip 3 delivers 2x8 watts of sound, compared with the original model that has 2x5 watts and Flip 2 2x6 watts. Well, this update will certainly make the difference.

As for competition, customers could also get at the same price the UE Roll, which comes with totally waterproof features and also delivers a good sound. However, the UE Roll is designed more for outdoor experiences and has a flatter design.

The best way to use the new JBL Flip 3 is at approximately 10 feet away, with the volume set at 75 percent. JBL Flip 3 will be a strong competitor on the portable speaker market, despite the fact that several brands have launched devices that come with unique features and amazing designs.

However, JBL and its Flip line have always been in top five.


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