Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Slack is becoming more and more popular

It seems that more than a million people are using Slack every day. Slack is becoming more popular and probably a year and a half ago, no one has even heard about it.

A couple of months later, everybody is using and is talking about this impressive service. It is quite weird, but yes, its success is actually undeniable. Many companies have already taken their workplace chatter there, and even the media did so.

Once the media and the startups have started to use Slack, well, it became quite necessary and actually inevitable to access it.

The company declared that Slack has approximately 1.1 million users and almost 300,000 of these users use its paid version.

To be mentioned in this context that employers pay between 6.65 dollars and 48 dollars a month per user for the best Slack features, including a searchable archive with unlimited messages (which costs 6.67 dollars a month), a configurable email ingestion service (available at 48 dollars) and an archive of everything users have ever typed, for compliance purposes (12.50 dollars a month, billed annually).

It also seems that Slack has managed to broad in April Underwood to serve as its head of platform. Underwood has spent almost five years as director of product at Twitter, meaning that she will bring a lot of experience to the Slack Company and can help its future development.

More than 170 employees are working now for the company, which has managed to transform Slack into a fast-growing money-making operation.

Slack declared that the company is making more than 24 million in annual recurring revenue after just a year, thanks to 300,000 paid seats.

 "We are pinching ourselves frequently," declared Stewart Butterfield, Slack's CEO. "Every Wednesday is our best Wednesday ever.

Every Saturday is our best Saturday ever. And April’s pretty rare in the sense that she’s done business development and engineering. Twitter is a different kind of use case, but there’s a lot of similarities in the nature of our APIs. So it’s the ideal background," he explained.

Also, April Underwood will be the one responsible to helping the company grow from under 100 partner integrations, including Google Docs, Twitter and Dropbox, to many other.

"The ideal case for us is that your use of Slack makes your use of all these other tools better for you," Underwood said. "If you use Dropbox, using Slack should be way more useful.

But it can be Box. It doesn’t really matter to us which you use. Slack can make each slightly better," she concluded.

So, without a doubt Slack is an important competitor on the market, which will continue to grow and maybe develop even more features and services that may be found as extremely useful for customers. As the popularity of the service is in continuous growth, Slack is expected to draw even more customers who may be interested in the usability that the service can offer to their employees.

How valuable it will turn out being and who will become interested in Slack is yet to be discovered.


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