Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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The UE Boom 2 comes with some Great Improvements

The original UE Boom has been considered the best portable Bluetooth speaker on the market. Now, the company has released UE Boom 2, which comes at the price of 200 dollars. Like many other Bluetooth speakers, UE Boom 2 also allows users to stream audio from almost any tablet, smartphone and operating system.

If we look closely, we will realize that the design has been changed a bit, meaning that the new Bluetooth speaker looks approximately the same as the previous model. Well, the company has declared that the real changes have been made on the inside.

The new UE Boom 2 comes in six color options and also has a tighter weave on the fabric model, making it more resistant and durable. Moreover, the flap that covers the ports is better integrated compared with the previous model.

To be added that probably the most significant change is the degree of waterproofing. If the previous model was water resistant, the new UE Boom 2 is fully waterproof, meaning that it has IPX7. This means that UE Boom 2 will resist more than 30 minutes to 1.5 meters deep. Moreover, the company declared that there is no problem if users will forget to close the flap that covers the audio input and USB charging port, because no water will get inside.

To be mentioned that UE has also redesigned the driver, meaning that the speaker will deliver a better sound compared with the original model, plus it plays 25 percent louder at its top volume. However, like all other speakers, UE Boom 2 will probably distort a bit at higher volumes, but users will certainly be impressed with how loud the speaker can play at higher volume, despite its small size. To be mentioned that the driver is heavier and the new UE Boom 2 will weight 548 grams, a few grams more than the previous model.

Another interesting thing is that UE has added gesture controls to the new Bluetooth speaker. This means that users can tap the top of the device to pause their music and can double-tap to skip a track forward. Another feature is the ability to update the device’s firmware over the air via UE’s new app.

This means that users will not have to connect the speaker to a computer to update the firmware. Moreover, users will also be able to turn the speaker on and off via the app, instead of pressing the power button located at the top.

UE Boom 2 also gives users the opportunity to wirelessly link another UE speaker and in the future they will be allowed to join up to 10 UE speakers. This means that owners can choose a left speaker and a right speaker for stereo experience.

The battery is rated at approximately 15 hours at moderate volume, being approximately the same as the previous model’s strong battery life. The company declared that users can get up to 100 feet range, but in a direct line with no obstructions.


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