Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Why Microsoft Office 2016 is better?

Going back in time, there are approximately three years since Microsoft has done a major update to its Office product. Well, it looks like it has finally brought a better and modern version of Microsoft Office.

This new version is called Office 2016 and is available on both PC and Mac. This is the version that comes with collaboration and sharing tools that can be compared with Google Docs. To be added that Google Docs has had these features for years.

Now, users can finally work with other people on a spreadsheet, presentation or a document, in real time. This means that users can see what other people are editing and what changes they have made.

Moreover, Microsoft has also added integrations with its video-calling app Skype and search engine Bing. These new features are welcomed and it looks like Office is continuing the tradition of bringing special extra features for its users, while its competitors don’t.

To be mentioned that in the past few years, Microsoft Office has been challenged by many other cheaper or free alternatives, so this new Office 2016 is a big deal for the company. Well, this bring us to the big question: Can the new updates bring back the old users who switched to the apps that Apple and Google have?

There will be no definitive answer to this question, because all of these programs have pluses and minuses. However, it looks like Office 2016 comes with some interesting features that will probably attract some of the old users.

For starters, Microsoft has included the Smart Lookup feature, a new research tool that is powered by Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing. This means that users just need to right click on a word and Bing will deliver them more information, without leaving Word, PowerPoint or Excel. All the information that they need will pop up in a window placed on the right side.

Another interesting feature is the built-in Skype calling. Hoping for a better collaboration, Microsoft has included Skype for Business to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The new Share menu will allow users to see who has access to that file and if they will hover over a name, it will pop-up a menu with quick links to start a voice or video call or just send a message. The voice or video call will open without needing to leave Office or starting the Skype app on the computer.

There are plenty other interesting features that Microsoft has integrated to its new Office 2016, which might make it quite interesting for numerous customers. Microsoft is well known to be looking for ways and opportunities to make its products more desirable in the eye of customers, of course, with the purpose to increase its overall success.

Microsoft has struggled for quite some time to remain on the top of users' preferences and the famous company still has a lot to work on to achieve that. Maybe, Office 2016, along with its newly released Windows 10, will represent two important steps on that direction for the famous company.


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