Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Facebook Could be Testing Users' Loyalty

Facebook has once again managed to cause some headlines, this time being claimed that the famous company has actually tested users' loyalty by crashing its Android app.

The news is quite shocking, but after all Facebook is well known for its somewhat radical decisions when it comes to the social network.

So, according to the latest reports, Facebook deliberately crashed its Android app, with the main purpose to find out exactly how dedicated users are to the social network.

Allegedly, the crash occurred over several weeks, for some users, The Information reported. The site claimed that Facebook just wanted to see if users would still access the mobile version or would just give Facebook up in case the Android app is not working.
Facebook Loyalty , Facebook test for android users

It has been reported that users refused to give up on Facebook and they actually continued to visit the site. So, this means that if Facebook really conducted this test, it found out that users are not willing to give up accessing the social network so easily. Reportedly, after trying to access the app several times, users accessed the mobile version of the social network.

Facebook has not confirmed conducting this test, but if the famous company did so, it actually wouldn’t be something unexpected. Facebook has previously been under criticism for monitoring its users.

One such case dates back to June 2014, when the famous company has monitored users' emotional responses to certain positive or negative posts from their friends. The test was conducted on no less than 600,000 people, who were not previously informed about the company's intentions.

What Facebook did was to alter the content of the News Feed to determine its effect on users' moods. For instance, Facebook wanted to find out if displaying sad or upsetting posts would make users less likely to visit the social networking site.

When it made this psychological testing last year, Facebook admitted to be running the test and claimed that it was just willing to improve the services it provided to its users.

Was this new test conducted with the purpose to improve services provided to users? 

Well, some claim that Facebook actually made this test because the famous company fears Google's Android system.

The Information, citing some unnamed sources, claimed that Facebook is afraid of relying on Google Play and other similar services for the distribution of Facebook apps. Consequently, the company run by Mark Zuckerberg is considering distribution of its apps via other app stores.

The company might be considering the use of Oculus VR app store, which is available on Samsung devices.

The report indicated that Facebook carried various tests during the years to see how Android problems influenced users relationship with Facebook and if such problems would make users abandon the social network.

So, Facebook wants to secure the access of its app even if some issues might emerge with the Android, or maybe between the social network and Google. There is no indication that such issues might exist between Facebook and Google, but in case it happens, Facebook wants to be prepared. 


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