Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Apple Acquires LegbaCore

Apple made another acquisition last year that was revealed by the famous company now. So, the tech giant bought LegbaCore in November 2015, although the news emerged only today.

The acquisition was not made public by Apple, but actually by security researcher Trammell Hudson, during a presentation that took place in December, and was just picked up by news providers.

Apple has also hired the founder of LegbaCore, Xeno Kovak, as well as his partner, Corey
Kellenberg. The fact that the two security researchers joined Apple was revealed by Kovah on Twitter back in November. He claimed that Apple hired them to do "low level security." After all, the two researchers have worked on targeting Mac computers.

So, LegbaCore became widely known for developing a very complex virus worm, named Thunderstrike 2, able to infect Mac computers. The virus was directly targeted at Macs and was able to easily spread from one device to the other. The most interesting aspect was the fact that it was able to spread even to computers that were not connected to the Internet.

Apple buys legbacore - news
Furthermore, the two security researchers managed to make the attack so powerful that it was very difficult to detect, as well as to get rid of. This means that Apple was unable to offer protection to its customers.

Before revealing the existence of the virus, its creators notified Apple, for the famous company to be able to take a position on this and issue a defense mechanism against the threat.  Without a doubt, it impressed Apple so much that the famous company decided to hire the two researchers.

Initially, both the acquisition and the fact that Apple hired the two security researchers went unnoticed, however, it all emerged to public scrutiny after the security conference that took place in December. Well, now although the acquisition emerged in the media, details are yet unknown.

It also remains unclear if Apple paid something for the company or how much it cost. What seems to be certain is that the two security researchers are employed by Apple.

However, what they are doing at Apple is also something unconfirmed at this point. When it comes to the acquisition, some analysis have claimed that it actually is not a proper acquisition in its full sense, as LegbaCore does not possess valuable assets that Apple could be using. Furthermore, most likely the company stopped operating and the whole purpose of the acquisition is that Kovah and Kallenberg would be using their expertise to benefit the tech giant.

Well, the fact that Apple was interested to make this move is not shocking at all, as the famous company has always been very interested in security. Furthermore, increased threats have seemed to affect cybersecurity lately, putting users at risk of having their data stolen and compromised.

Apple also had to deal with numerous flaws that potentially allowed malware to affect its systems. Maybe, onboarding Kovah and Kallenberg would help the popular company be less susceptible to attacks in the future.

As always, Apple remained silent about this entire story and has not confirmed any of the rumors.


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