Monday, May 23, 2022

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An American inventor has built a flying motorcycle: How much it will cost?

 David Mayman, founder of JetPack Aviation, says he's in love with flying because, with three uncles and a cousin working as pilots, it's in his blood, reports He doesn't, however, want to fly planes.

His decade-old company, based in California, makes jetpacks and trains both civilians and military personnel to use them, though at $4,950 for a two-day program it's not exactly for every enthusiast. There is one problem with his unusual career, however: Mayman has a fear of heights.

Speeder, commissioned for disaster response

In an interview with, he says his flying motorcycle, called the Speeder, is ordered by customers for rapid disaster response. The Speeder is an aerial utility vehicle and in some ways it departs from the flying motorcycle concept because when people think of motorcycles, the concept of recreation comes to mind. The Speeder's primary use, however, is for emergency disaster response, not recreation. 

The company's founder gives an example: a hurricane destroys an area, roads are damaged, and trucks can't get there. Ten such vehicles cost less than a helicopter and can fly in all kinds of weather, even when it's raining or you can't see the horizon, Mayman says.

Recreational use, however, would follow in the second and third phases of the project.

How it flies 

American inventor has built a flying motorcycle

Mayman says the Speeder can fly at over 4,000 metres when it has to cross mountains, but normally the vehicle is designed to fly 300 metres above the ground.

Can be operated autonomously, possibly to make medical deliveries. In the Himalayas it would fly at an altitude of over 6,000 metres above sea level, but only 30 metres above the ground. But the pilot would have to use oxygen. The flying motorcycle would be extremely fast.

But these speeds won't be reached anyway, only if the pilot is inside the aircraft, as is the case with fighter jets. But this will only be possible in phase three of the project, according to Mayman.

Zero net emissions 

When asked about fuel, Mayman says he will use several types of fuel, such as kerosene or diesel. He says he has negotiated a contract with Prometheus Fuels, which extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produces conventional fuels.

It will cost as much as a supersport car

The price hasn't been announced yet, but JetPack Aviation's founder says the idea is to one day bring it down to the level of a luxury sports car.

The company had 50 pre-orders for the flying motorcycle within hours of opening, and Mayman says he had to shut down the process until certification was complete. Two working prototypes The official says he has two working prototypes. 

Initially, the aerial vehicle will not be self-piloted, but will be autonomous or remotely piloted. The company expects to obtain certification towards the end of next year, after which the model will go into production. 
According to the company, the certification process takes between six months and a year.

When will flying cars appear

Mayman says the shift to urban air mobility will happen, but not soon. He says that just as we now have SUVs that can carry a few people, so too will we have aerial vehicles that can carry more people on routes within cities. 

These will be electric if they are small, but we will have to wait for the invention of batteries with a high energy density of 1,500 W per kilogram, he says. At the moment, current batteries are around 250 W per kilogram.


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