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Our Contributors

John Colston

John Colston is currently the leader and coordinator of our team of writers. He lives in Colorado and is collaborating with Ironclad Integrity Unlimited Ltd since 2006. John is a passionate independent journalist with a lot of experience in team building and human resources management. If you have any questions, suggestions or editorial complaints about, contact John at nikblogging @

Jerry Sungar

Jerry Sungar is one of our top authors. He is very passionate when it comes to writing about his favorite gadgets and devices. You can contact Jerry by dropping him an e-mail at jerrySungar @

Mike Beasley

Mike Beasley is one of our expert authors in technology and business fields. Currently living in San Marino, Mike has graduated at Southwestern Academy with a Bachelor Degree in business in 2008. Contact him by dropping him an e-mail at Mike.Beasley @

Emiko Ardell

Emiko Ardell is one of our newest publishers. He currently lives in Vancuver Canada. Emiko covers the Gadgets and Business sections of You can get in touch with him at emikoardell @

Hamish Purves

Contributing Editor -- You can get in touch with him at hamishpurves @