Friday, April 18, 2014

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How to Make Your Blog Famous

To make a blog famous is a very difficult task these days as there are numerous blogs coming up everyday. Specially, from the Indian sub-continent, the number of bloggers emerging and the number of blogs getting created everyday are count-less.
Hence, to get people talk about your blog and make it really famous is not easy at all. And, remember getting traffic to blog doesn't mean that it is famous. I have seen blogs getting over 10,000 visitors daily but are not famous. In-fact, niche blogs are one of their kind which gets decent traffic but are not famous as people try to hide them to avoid making the niche famous.

There was a time in past that when I started blogging in Android niche, it took me around 15 days only that the blog started getting around 4000+ unique visitors per day but with time, the niche got so clumped that every second blogger is now found writing about android.
Having said above lines, the question 'How to make your Blog Famous' remains unanswered yet. So here are some of the one-liner tips told to me by a very famous blogger when I asked him the same.
  • Customize your Blog Content : Make it interesting and include images/videos where-ever possible.
  • Add blog to blogging communities : You cannot be famous until people know you.
  • Write Tutorials and Audience Dedicated articles : People will trust you and visit again only if they find the content useful.
  • Be a Guest Author and Write for Others : This helps people identify and know you better.
  • Give something to Download for Free : Even if it is a PDF, people loves freebies.
  • Blog Frequently : Keep you blog updated and keep the frequency of posts static and to the mark.
  • Create a Buzz on Social Media : Search Engine ranks may get down with time but social media interaction stays alive.
Having said above lines, I am sure that these will help you keep you blog alive and make it famous.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

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Digital TV Revolution : Problems, Issues, Solutions and Rectifications

Its old advice but it still seems to work even with the surplus of gadgets that we live with today. While my grandfather’s version (hitting the offending electrical item with a big stick) may not be suitable for some of our more delicate gadgets today, the old ‘turn it off and switch it back on’ trick can still work with most devices. The Digital TV revolution that has swept the UK in the last couple of years has left us with more channels and more choice than before; and it’s also left us with more recepti on problems. The main problem is often the ‘kit’ itself; the more complicated electrical devices become, the more there is to go wrong on them and sadly, the big stick approach no longer seems to be the main cover-all solution. Digital TV reception problems are caused by a number of different issues and many of them start at home. Here are a few solutions to try.

Rewiring, Retuning and Overcoming Obstacles

Yes, turn it off, turn it back on again comes top of the list. If you have a set top box switch this off at the mains, if you have an integrated set do the same. Usually ten to fifteen seconds will be long enough and then you can switch back on again. In many cases this will mysteriously resolve the issue.
If it doesn’t try plan B; switch everything off again and then checking and re -checking all the cables connecting boxes, sets and power/aerial points. These have a habit of working themselves loose over time (during enthusiastic dusting sessions for example). Plug and unplug wires and ensure that all connections are firmly attached. If there are any wires that look corroded, worn or damaged these should be replaced with new cabling.
Next u p is the atmosphere; extreme conditions, heavy winds, snow, rain (of which we’ve seen rather a lot recently) can all affect reception. This issue resolves itself when conditions return to normal. Extremely fine, clear weather can also be a problem as atmospheric pressure can affect signals temporarily. If there has been some recent severe weather and the problem doesn’t clear up with the weather itself check the obvious; is your digital TV aerial still pointing in the right direction (or is it actually still there). A local engineer should be able to help if a new TV aerial installation is required or if some re-positioning is necessary.
For those with a communal aerial (usually found in apartments and flats) some simple checks may help to find the problem. A power failure to the main aerial may be the cause of interrupted viewing (lights in communal areas that are also not working may be a clue). Also check with neighbours to see if they are having similar problems. If the symptoms seem to be common contact your building manager to get a check on the aerial completed.
A number of obstacles can block signals from Digital TV transmitters. These include hills, walls and trees. While the former is unlikely to grow suddenly (there have been exceptions) walls (or new buildings) and trees can begin to cause problems unexpectedly. If you’re signal deteriorates in spring it’s possible that newly grown foliage is blocking the signal more than usual. An engineer may be able to help move the aerial for a better signal, or add a booster. New buildings may also interfere and, again, in this case an engineer should be called to check your aerial installation

Planned Interruptions and Outside Influences

On occasion, engineering works on transmitters can reduce the number of channels or completely disrupt your reception. In addition, digital channel information also changes more frequently than old fashioned analogue and you may simply need to retune your set. Check the manufacturer’s instructions which should detail the process (a copy can be found online if you’ve misplaced the original). The retune process is recommended once every three to six months to ensure you are receiving the full set of channels available in your area. If you’ve tried all of these ways to improve your signal and you’re still finding it hard to get all but the weakest of signals, check with neighbours to see if the problems are shared. If this is the case contact the BBC to report the problem. The BBC is responsible for terrestrial TV transmission (it’s one of the reasons we pay for our licence) and should investigate the issue for you. For cable or satellite services, you will have to contact your provider to report any issues.
Author Byline
While digital TV offers more choice to viewers it also seems to offer more reception problems. Here TV fan Jack Shepherd looks at how to deal with them.
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Sunday, March 30, 2014

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A Guide to High PR Link Building For Complete Noobs

Link Building Guide For Noobs​Link building is the most important and challenging SEO skill you can learn, and if you're new to the SEO world, you may be wondering how you can start building legitimate links. As you may know, a good website won't rise to the top if it doesn't have any links pointing its way.

In the past, there was a day where you could build thousands of spammy backlinks and watch your lousy website rise to the top. However, those days are long gone and building credible backlinks are more important than ever if you want to stay at the top.

To get you on the path to building the best links for your website, here's a quick guide to get you started:

Finding a Good Backlink

First off, you have to understand what makes a good backlink.

A good backlink is going to have so many elements that search engines look out for. This is going to include:
  • Website Popularity
  • Relevancy
  • Anchor Text
  • Trust
  • Freshness
  • Social Signals
Since there's so much that goes into this, did a great job explaining what you should look out for in every link you try to acquire.

Be Aware of Spam

When researching ways to build link, you're going to come across many ways to build links fast, and sadly, this isn't something that you're going to want to do. If your backlink profile is riddled with spam and low-quality links, you're going to risk an algorithmic penalty, which is extremely hard to get out of.

In general, it's highly advisable that you avoid the following types of links:
  • Directories
  • Low-quality blog comments
  • Forum spam
  • Low-quality press releases
  • Article marketing
  • Paid links
  • Link wheels
  • Link farms
  • Spamming social media networks
  • Profile spam
While it can be tempting to get links here, you have to remember that these strategies won't work going forward, and you're going to do a lot more harm than good.

Watch Your Anchor Text

While your anchor text still plays a role in your ranking, you don't want every backlink to have the same anchor text. If you do this, it's immediately going to send red flags to the search engines.

A good backlink profile will have hundreds of natural links with various anchor text combinations. As a general rule of thumb, try to use your anchor text about 10 percent of the time. To learn more about how anchor text works, refer to this guide.

Planning Your Links

In the world of building backlinks, there are hundreds of legitimate ways to build links. Some of the most basic strategies you can use include the following:

1. Email Outreach

Find websites in your niche that may be willing to link to your website. If they have a resource page or an existing article, send them an email to see how you can potentially get listed. As long as you have a reputable website, your results should be good.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of reaching out to other bloggers in your niche offering them a piece of content in exchange for a link in your author biography at the bottom. When guest posting, though, make sure you're writing for blogs with a credible website and some web traffic. Guest posting is a great way to build your brand, traffic and search ranking.

3. Blog Networks

Blog networks are exactly what the name states -- a network of blogs. There are many reputable companies online that are willing to write up pieces of content and post it on their network. If these networks are run properly, this is a great way to receive a lot of high-quality, reputable backlinks.

These are just three of the hundreds of ways to build links. To give you more ideas, has 101 ways to build links fast.

Link building is an art that will take some time to learn. With so many ways to acquire a link, there's no reason you can't rise to the top. To set yourself above the rest, be creative, create something worth linking to and put in countless hours reaching out to others in your industry.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

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Is SEO Important in Industrial Marketing

Industrial or business-to-business (B2B) marketing is directed from one company to another. This process is solely focused on the distribution of marketing services and products between businesses. B2B is an essential part of any efficiently working supply chain and it is determining for the existence of other vital processes like business-to-consumer (B2C) strategies. B2B has gained incredible momentum over other business processes and is considered a main priority for most organizations. Industrial marketing results in a range of important benefits that include lower inventory costs, streamlined processes and improved collaboration with providers. New technologies and marketing methods have made industrial marketing much more evolved that it has ever been in the past. Online interactions play a vital role in the collaboration between buyers and sellers. SEO has also become a key strategy for effective B2B marketing and many businesses are looking for the best SEO company to work with.

SEO is a great way to boost website traffic and higher online popularity can result in a range of benefits for the company. If used correctly, SEO can become a primary lead generation method that will build brand awareness and result in new revenue generation opportunities. By investing in SEO, companies can boost organic traffic and search engine visibility. Surveys show that more than 90 percent of industrial marketing organizations worldwide utilize SEO to increase the number of their leads and around 80 percent of businesses will continue to use this practice for the years to come. 

SEO Tips for B2B Companies 

Although in some ways SEO for B2C is similar to industrial marketing, there are some major differences. If you are looking to generate qualified and organic leads, these tips will help you reach your online ranking goals: 

  • Use social media: there is no better way to engage or interact with your audience. Social media play a major role in boosting a website’s popularity. Such strategies affect SEO, as well. 
  • Start a blog: when it comes to SEO for industrial marketing, content is king. Start a blog and write posts at least once a week. Google loves fresh content and statistics show that companies having blogs generate more leads.
  • Use YouTube: YouTube is another social network you can use to increase traffic and improve your optimization efforts. Upload videos and create keyword-rich descriptions and tags. 
  • Create a site map: adding a site map to your website will help search engines index your content quickly. 
  • Use LinkedIn: the professional social network is a must for any organization that wants to create a better online image for itself. By creating a LinkedIn company profile, you will get access to a range of valuable tools. These tools will help for a better SEO strategy, as well. 
Search engine optimization is a complex technique that requires ongoing efforts if you want to reach and maintain high search engine ranking. Working with the best SEO company is a great way to make your industrial marketing efforts more efficient. Sensible online presence will deliver a wide range of benefits that make the investment in such strategies a great option for your business. 

Author Byline

Richard Fong is the CEO and Founder of Bliss Drive, LLC. His primary mission is to help businesses, on any scale, gain stronger online presence and provides his expertise on how business owners benefit with maximized online exposure.
Check Out Bliss Drive on Facebook.
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Monday, March 17, 2014

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Excellent Service in Web Hosting

You can expect the most when you bring your business to the worldwide web. It gives you the unlimited connections throughout the world. It also allows you to give fast response to your customers. You only need to have a website to get all those benefits and this is the main problem. You can easily get yourself a website using the public domain, but it won’t be an effective promotion for your business. You need to set up your own domain name in order to get effective promotion to your business. Then, you need to give the best website managing to keep the best quality on the performance of your website. It certainly takes the work of the professionals to create a professional website with the best performance.

Professional Work at HomeHost

It’s understandable if business owners don’t have the ability to create a website, but you can always hire professional webmasters to handle it. If you want to get the best team to handle the works, you can rely to where the best people are working hard to make great web design and hosting. It only takes a short visit to the website to get all information related to their services. You will be able to get the right package for your needs. On the website, you can find several packages with different services. You are free to check on the services in each package, which allows you to get the best services to fit to your needs. Among the services provided in HomeHost are below.

  • Domain registration. As mentioned above, getting domain name is important for your business. HomeHost can help you to get the most effective domain name and register it before someone else taking it. You don’t need to get involve with the troubles and hassles on the process as you can let the professional webmasters at this company to deal with it.
  • HTML hosting. This hosting service is one of the most popular as it can be used at any platform. Besides, it’s also compatible to various mobile devices. It certainly helps the webmasters in creating the mobile version of your website and it gives you more benefits in reaching your customers.
  • ASP hosting. This is another popular choices of website platform. HomeHost offers the best features and services on the package.
  • Re seller hosting. Getting domain from previous owners can give you some benefits as you can make use of the connectivity.

Using HomeHost Service for Your Website

You only need to contact HomeHost to enjoy their great service. Each package is explained in detailed, so you can instantly know the services that you can get. It also gives the best price for such excellent service. You won’t need big budget to set up your website. Taking consultation with HomeHost allows you to get the best hosting plan that suits to your needs. Just make a visit to the site and enjoy the great service offered in this company. It will surely help you on your business.
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Digital Downloading

Like it or not, we live in a digital age. More people read newspapers online than in print; DVD movies are becoming a thing of the past as streaming services make more and more entertainment media available at the click of a mouse.

Any business that does not embrace the digital world that surrounds us is going to find itself isolated from the marketplace. Nevertheless, coordinating, collating and presenting digital information can be a huge task, especially for small to medium size companies. Conventional training can be expensive and is not always cost effective.

Digital Downloading provides an avenue for effective marketing, publishing and delivery of even the most complex digital products and projects. Digital Downloading can deal with every aspect of digital product preparation, hosting, streaming and marketing.

For any business, the whole process of digital product and digital information publishing and distribution can be a nightmare if it is not done properly. The huge amount of time that can be wasted as individuals start to learn what is involved can never be recovered and can prove extremely expensive.

When every process in the digital product chain is brought together seamlessly, a new world of digital marketing and distribution opens up, along with the added sales and profits that follow naturally. The worries of having to ensure the preparation and delivery processes of digital products can be a thing of the past.

For example, much is made in today’s business world of the importance of social media, and rightly so. However, simply achieving thousands of Facebook ‘likes’ or Twitter ‘re-Tweets’ is not necessarily going to bring in extra sales.

In business terms, social media has to be about getting ‘targeted’ visitors to a company’s website. It is of little use having thousands of visitors if none of them are remotely interested in the product on offer.

The management of social media integration takes time and expertise. Digital Downloading offers its clients expertise and experience that is second to none. The preparation, publishing and distribution of digital media to targeted visitors is all part of our service.

Seasonal variations in sales are a common factor of any business, large or small. During quiet periods, companies know they need to increase their marketing efforts in order to maintain sales.

Computer software allows automation to be used. Methods and processes can then be focused on achieving positive customer results more efficiently. Such software can though be confusing and difficult to operate.

Digital Downloading provides all the training needed to use our unique software and, as quickly as possible, aims to provide competence in using the software application efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, our sales software can be utilised with either a computer or a mobile device. Because our application contacts directly with customers, Digital Downloading clients are always aware of what is happening on the sales front.

Having all the necessary services for digital delivery, processing and marketing under one roof makes the whole process of delivering digital products much easier, more efficient and more reliable. ‘In house’ staff can get on with doing what they do best whilst Digital Downloading takes care of the time consuming back end business of ensuring that customers receive complete satisfaction.

Author Byline

Martin Jonson is director of the UK's Digital Downloading company providing exceptional quality at the lowest UK prices. He will complete your job quickly with the greatest care. You can connect with him on Google+.
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New age, New problems

With the coming of the Digital Age, the Internet has become a global and widely used medium, pushing aside traditional medias like newspapers, television or radio. The biggest advantage of the Internet over is the the speed of transmitted information and their availability. Today, Internet covers so many aspects of our lives, that many people simply cannot imagine a life without it. This situation may lead to situations, during which especially young persons are spending too much time before the screen, usually simply wasting it on various video games or other types of online entertainment like social media websites instead. Apart of just wasting time and not being productive, children are often exposed to way serious dangers while using the Internet.  They might be a target for various sexual predators or identity stealers.

Talk first

What do we need to do to be sure that our children are safe on the Internet and are not spending too much time on it? First of all, we should try to talk with them about the possible dangers and threats. For example, we can show them how they can protect their personal data or control the information they share by using various privacy settings on social websites. We should mention of course, that there might be a lot of inappropriate content on the Internet for them, but this must be done with caution, so they would not be encouraged to visit such sites after this conversation. There is often a difficulty connected with the fact, that our children are usually way more technically advanced than we are, and they are using computers and Smartphone more efficiently.

Using parental controls

Talking with children is one thing, but there is also another way of protect them, which is installing parental control software on the computer. Such software can not only monitor their daily activity, which sites they are watching and for how long, but also it can limit the time of access they have to the Internet or even whole computer. That’s right, no more endless talking and reminding to turn off the computer and do the homework. It will turn off automatically. This is a very convenient feature that is commonly used in many public places, like libraries or cybercafés. Even some businesses are using software similar to parental controls to ensure, that their employees will not waste any work hours watching cats on YouTube or chatting with someone on chats or hanging out on Facebook.

Protect your computer too

When we are done with protecting our children, we can also think about installing some anti-virus and anti-malware programs in order keep our computer clean out of malicious programs. There is always a very high probability of catching some viruses when browsing the web, so installing such software should be a good idea. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Parental controls together with anti-virus programs should be a very effective way to keep your children safe and yourself sane.


Summarizing, parents should always be very cautious about their children’s activity on the internet, because of the many dangers lurking on them out there. Using technical measures is convenient, but it should be backed up with children’s awareness about the new areas they are exploring.

Author Byline

PCWebControl is parental monitoring software. It is used by private persons together with public facilities and companies.
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