Friday, April 15, 2016

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The new Sony H.ear On review: Noise Cancelling Headphones

The new Sony H.ear On is available at the price of 200 dollars. This new model could be purchased in standard charcoal black, but it is important to know that many other interesting and eye-catching colors are available. For example, customers will be able to opt for lime yellow, cinnabar red, viridian blue or Bordeaux pink.

Even if it is called H.ear On, the model number of this new device is MDR-100A. The new headphone has a very attractive design, and it is very lightweight, weighing 8 ounces.

This means that Sony H.ear On is very comfortable to wear and it also folds up to perfectly fit into a stylish nylon carrying pouch.

Sony has declared that they call this model a “premium Hi-Res” headphone. However, they also said that with the purpose to get the most of this headphone, customers should try the company’s Walkman NWZ-A17 or NW-A25, which is available at the price of 220 dollars.

There are many other affordable headphones on the market that could easily make competition to Sony’s new product. However, just because the manufacturer put the Hi-Res Audio label on the box it doesn’t truly make it a high-resolution headphone.

Probably, the true high-fidelity headphone on the market is Audio Technica ATH-MSR7, which is available at the price of 250 dollars. However, Sony has declared that the new H.ear On model has Hi-Res Audio chops, featuring 40mm HD drivers that could go up to 60 kHz. And yes, it is true. Sony H.ear On delivers an incredible sound, with good bass and very pleasant acoustic.

The detachable headphone cable features a one-button in-line remote and microphone that is able to make calls with Android, Windows or Apple iOS devices. Unfortunately, the cable lacks volume controls. So, as it was mentioned earlier, the sound is very good, and without comparing it to anything else, the new Sony H.ear On is considered to be a very good-sounding model.

Customers who are willing to spend more money, could opt for Sony’s MDR-1A model, which is available for 70 dollars more. Sony MDR-1A model comes with a richer sound and features more energetic bass and more detail. Moreover, it is more comfortable because it has softer ear pads.

So, the questions is: is Sony H.ear On worth the money? 

Well, yes. On a market that is filled with tons of models, there is always room for one more that could become the most popular. Sony is well-known for its premium models that deliver an incredible sound.

The 200 dollars price could be considered an affordable price, because this model is well-built, has an incredible sound and is very comfortable to wear. For customers who are not in search of an extravagant model with futuristic design, Sony H.ear On could be considered the perfect model.

Moreover, if this model will come down in price to approximately 150 dollars, then the competition has real reasons to fear. So, in the end, the new Sony H.ear On is worth the money and it is a good model.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

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Instagram starts blocking users from linking to Snapchat and Telegram

Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform, has started to play hard with its users. Starting from now, Instagram has decided to block links in users' profiles to private messaging apps Snapchat and Telegram.

This decision was made quietly, without any official statement or communication to Instagram users. So, the first public note was made on Telegram’s official Twitter account.

Another interesting fact is that no other social networks are affected, just Telegram and Snapchat.

This means that users will still be able to drop a link to a Twitter account, Facebook profile or other personal websites. To be added that Instagram isn’t blocking all Snapchat and Telegram links, just those which are made to let other users to quickly follow profiles on other social networks, for example “add me” links.
Facebook war against Telegram is real

This means that when a user is trying to direct users to his Telegram or Snapchat profile, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service will display a message saying,

"Links asking someone to add you on another service aren't supported on Instagram."

To be added that Instagram has confirmed the change through a TechChrunch statement: "We’ve removed the ability to include ‘add me’ links on Instagram profile pages.

This was a rare use-case, and not the way our platform was intended to be used," an Instagram spokesperson said. "Other types of links are still allowed."

It is not clear how many Instagram users are sending “add me” links to Telegram or Snapchat on their Instagram profiles, but it looks like the company is very upset about this. Pavel Durov, Telegram founder, has declared that Instagram’s decision is explicitly targeting his platform. However, this move also affects rival messaging app Snapchat.

Durov has also declared that deeplinking to other social services does still work, for example Twitter, VK, Periscope, LinkedIn Facebook and YouTube.
It seems Instagram started to block links to Telegram accounts and channels (like ) from their website section (ie the only place on Instagram where you can have clickable links),” Durov has declared. 

To be added that last month, the message service app, Telegram, has reached approximately 100 million monthly active users. So, this might be a huge concern to Facebook, which probably leads it to shutter deeplinking and block one potential way to spread rival services.

Another interesting thing is that WhatsApp has also began to block links to Telegram web addresses back in November. That ban is still in effect for Android users of WhatsApp.

When Facebook’s messaging app was banned in Brazil, users began moving to Telegram, which has been a huge hit for WhatsApp. So, it means that there is a bit of a fight between Facebook and Telegram.

Pavel Durov also has an active account on Instagram, with close to 100,000 followers on the service. Moreover, he also has 122 posts showing his nomadic lifestyle. After being asked why he thinks Instagram has blocked deeplinking, he answered, “Our 100M active users or the rise of Telegram Channels.”
From their side, they might’ve noticed more and more Instagram users setting links to their Telegram accounts and channels in the website section of Instagram,” he added.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

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Apple Acquires LegbaCore

Apple made another acquisition last year that was revealed by the famous company now. So, the tech giant bought LegbaCore in November 2015, although the news emerged only today.

The acquisition was not made public by Apple, but actually by security researcher Trammell Hudson, during a presentation that took place in December, and was just picked up by news providers.

Apple has also hired the founder of LegbaCore, Xeno Kovak, as well as his partner, Corey
Kellenberg. The fact that the two security researchers joined Apple was revealed by Kovah on Twitter back in November. He claimed that Apple hired them to do "low level security." After all, the two researchers have worked on targeting Mac computers.

So, LegbaCore became widely known for developing a very complex virus worm, named Thunderstrike 2, able to infect Mac computers. The virus was directly targeted at Macs and was able to easily spread from one device to the other. The most interesting aspect was the fact that it was able to spread even to computers that were not connected to the Internet.

Apple buys legbacore - news
Furthermore, the two security researchers managed to make the attack so powerful that it was very difficult to detect, as well as to get rid of. This means that Apple was unable to offer protection to its customers.

Before revealing the existence of the virus, its creators notified Apple, for the famous company to be able to take a position on this and issue a defense mechanism against the threat.  Without a doubt, it impressed Apple so much that the famous company decided to hire the two researchers.

Initially, both the acquisition and the fact that Apple hired the two security researchers went unnoticed, however, it all emerged to public scrutiny after the security conference that took place in December. Well, now although the acquisition emerged in the media, details are yet unknown.

It also remains unclear if Apple paid something for the company or how much it cost. What seems to be certain is that the two security researchers are employed by Apple.

However, what they are doing at Apple is also something unconfirmed at this point. When it comes to the acquisition, some analysis have claimed that it actually is not a proper acquisition in its full sense, as LegbaCore does not possess valuable assets that Apple could be using. Furthermore, most likely the company stopped operating and the whole purpose of the acquisition is that Kovah and Kallenberg would be using their expertise to benefit the tech giant.

Well, the fact that Apple was interested to make this move is not shocking at all, as the famous company has always been very interested in security. Furthermore, increased threats have seemed to affect cybersecurity lately, putting users at risk of having their data stolen and compromised.

Apple also had to deal with numerous flaws that potentially allowed malware to affect its systems. Maybe, onboarding Kovah and Kallenberg would help the popular company be less susceptible to attacks in the future.

As always, Apple remained silent about this entire story and has not confirmed any of the rumors.
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

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6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself to Improve Conversions

Why Isn't My Traffic Converting?
Once you become an affiliate, there's usually a long road ahead before making a living out of it.

First, you gotta have traffic — and if you don't, you gotta know how to generate it. This, generally speaking, can take time & money.

But let’s say you are naturally blessed with this beautiful thing called traffic; one of the most frustrating dilemmas a marketer can find himself having is having the traffic, but not having the conversions.

“Expectation is the mother of all frustration.”
Antonio Banderas

While the quote above remains true, there’s usually an explanation for everything, and sometimes it’s just a matter of finding out what’s wrong before you can address & fix it.

Luckily for you, we have 6 simple questions that we think you should ask yourself to help direct your success in achieving more conversions.

1 – Is My Traffic Qualified?

Social Media 


Classified ads and Instant Messaging

Ad Network


Keywords (paid & organic)


2 – Am I Promoting This Vertical Effectively?




3 – Am I Promoting the Right Product? 

…with the right GEOs?

…with the right niche?

…with the right/allowed promotional method?


4 – Is My Campaign Optimized? 

5 – Do I Have Enough Traffic?  

6 – Did I Consult an Affiliate Adviser?

Use Without Moderation

With this whole process as a guideline, you should be able to discover quite easily any hiccup that could be impacting your conversions. Read the full guide ( provided byCrack Revenue.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

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Facebook Could be Testing Users' Loyalty

Facebook has once again managed to cause some headlines, this time being claimed that the famous company has actually tested users' loyalty by crashing its Android app.

The news is quite shocking, but after all Facebook is well known for its somewhat radical decisions when it comes to the social network.

So, according to the latest reports, Facebook deliberately crashed its Android app, with the main purpose to find out exactly how dedicated users are to the social network.

Allegedly, the crash occurred over several weeks, for some users, The Information reported. The site claimed that Facebook just wanted to see if users would still access the mobile version or would just give Facebook up in case the Android app is not working.
Facebook Loyalty , Facebook test for android users

It has been reported that users refused to give up on Facebook and they actually continued to visit the site. So, this means that if Facebook really conducted this test, it found out that users are not willing to give up accessing the social network so easily. Reportedly, after trying to access the app several times, users accessed the mobile version of the social network.

Facebook has not confirmed conducting this test, but if the famous company did so, it actually wouldn’t be something unexpected. Facebook has previously been under criticism for monitoring its users.

One such case dates back to June 2014, when the famous company has monitored users' emotional responses to certain positive or negative posts from their friends. The test was conducted on no less than 600,000 people, who were not previously informed about the company's intentions.

What Facebook did was to alter the content of the News Feed to determine its effect on users' moods. For instance, Facebook wanted to find out if displaying sad or upsetting posts would make users less likely to visit the social networking site.

When it made this psychological testing last year, Facebook admitted to be running the test and claimed that it was just willing to improve the services it provided to its users.

Was this new test conducted with the purpose to improve services provided to users? 

Well, some claim that Facebook actually made this test because the famous company fears Google's Android system.

The Information, citing some unnamed sources, claimed that Facebook is afraid of relying on Google Play and other similar services for the distribution of Facebook apps. Consequently, the company run by Mark Zuckerberg is considering distribution of its apps via other app stores.

The company might be considering the use of Oculus VR app store, which is available on Samsung devices.

The report indicated that Facebook carried various tests during the years to see how Android problems influenced users relationship with Facebook and if such problems would make users abandon the social network.

So, Facebook wants to secure the access of its app even if some issues might emerge with the Android, or maybe between the social network and Google. There is no indication that such issues might exist between Facebook and Google, but in case it happens, Facebook wants to be prepared. 
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Monday, November 23, 2015

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Check out the new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S

Every year, several brands are releasing a new model on the receiver market. These new receivers are coming with a larger variety of features with the purpose to attract more and more clients. Now, it is Harman’s turn to release a new product.

So, this company has unveiled its latest product called Harman Kardon AVR 1610S, which promises to offer several features that will be useful for owners. - Copyright  new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S
To be added that this new product is more like an update to the company’s 2013 lineup. An interesting fact is that the company instead of offering a new name to its new product, it simply added an “S” to its name, more like an iPhone-style naming scheme.

Probably, users had low expectations when it comes to this update, knowing that fact that the company has added a simple “S” to its model name.

 However, on the contrary, this new model homes plenty of useful updates that will certainly attract a lot of eyes.

The new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S comes with features like five HDMI 2.0 ports and Spotify Connect, which is one of the most searched features when it comes to receivers. Moreover, the new model has also kept support for wireless Bluetooth streaming.

 So, the new receiver is available at the price of 400 dollars, which is a good price when it comes to a receiver that has so many features.

Unfortunately for users, the new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi feature, but it has an Ethernet port.

As for home-theater playback, this new receiver is doing quite well, offering an incredible sound and creating a soundfield that will compete with any other device on the market.

This new receiver is also perfect when it comes to design, because customers who are searching for a minimalism design may find this receiver as being the perfect choice. Even if it looks like its predecessor, the new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S comes with some new tweaks and that is actually a good thing.

Compared with other brands and models, the new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S comes with only one button placed on the front panel.

This button will probably do what every client think it can do, adjust volume. As for remote, this one is not very user friendly, because it comes with small buttons and there are great chances for users to accidentally press the wrong buttons when using it.

Nowadays, users are searching for the highest level of technology and the best features when choosing a smart device, regardless of its type.

Without a doubt, the receivers market has grown in the past few years, while customer's demands and expectations have also increased.

The new Harman Kardon AVR 1610S is a device that will not disappoint users. However, it is interesting to find out what other new products will be launched on this segment of the market in the following period and which will become the primary choice among customers. 
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Interesting facts about Google Chromecast (2015)

Google has released these days its new Chromecast. Probably, the main thing that will attract customers is its price.

The new Google Chromecast is available at the price of 35 dollars. This is a very affordable price considering the fact that users will have the opportunity to enjoy apps like Netflix or YouTube.

Nowadays, for plenty of people, their tablets or phones are part of their everyday life and they watch a large variety of videos via YouTube.

The new Chromecast is a great opportunity for them to stream these videos on a larger screen. However, at the price of 35 dollars, even those who already have the older version of Chromecast will be tempted to try out the new device.

Probably, the main upgrade that this device has suffered is its software. Google Chromecast comes with new browsing options, cross-app search and easier app discovery.

With this new update, Chromecast will be an interesting rival for Roku or other streamers on the market.

However, many people might not recommend this device as the primary source for streaming to the TV at home, but at this amount of money, it is worth a try. Probably, Google Chromecast will be highly recommended for traveling or temporary connections.

As for design, Google Chromecast is a small plastic puck with glossy and colorful front side. For now, this streamer is available in yellow, black and pink version.

Moreover, it has a short and flat capable coming out of one end, while at the other end it has an HDMI connector.

The new version also has a matte gray bottom side, which is magnetized, allowing the HDMI connector to stick to it.

However, even if it has an interesting colorful and glossy shell, most of the times, this streamer will be hidden behind the user’s TV. This interesting device is made out of electronics and antennas crammed into a circular puck that measures exactly two inches in diameter for Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S.

So, how does it work? Well, after users will plug it and power up, they will have to turn on their TV input and install the Chromecast app from either Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

The installation is pain-free and after giving their Chromecast a name, for example “Bedroom,” or “Living Room,” they have to select a Wi-Fi network to use for streaming. Once it’s connected to the network, Google’s puck is ready to stream.

To stream an app, like Netflix or YouTube, users will have two options. The first option is by the traditional method: opening up the app from the phone, tapping the little icon. The second option is to find movies or TV shows and launch the required app, using the updated Chromecast app.

Besides Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and many others, users can also access Google Cast extension to display Web pages on the TV screen, including Google Docs, Facebook, Amazon Instant Video or Instagram.

This is an interesting feature that will put Google Chromecast in a leading position on the market. However, this device will not stream 4K videos like high-end streamers, but at the moment 4K is pretty rare.
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