Saturday, May 30, 2015

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Pebble Time to become Android's most Successful Smartwatch?

The smartwatches market is not simple at all. In fact, becoming extremely successful on this market seems to be quite difficult for many high tech makers. The release of the Apple Watch aims to change that and this product actually seems to be willing to become the most successful smartwatch ever.

And many analysts do not have a doubt in the fact that Apple will manage to achieve that purpose, as its product is unique and much better in terms of both specs and design than any other smartwatch on the market.

However, this does not mean that other companies are not trying to conquer the market with their products, too. And some may be able to achieve it. Pebble recently revealed its latest smartwatch and the new device definitely managed to impress.

Actually, Pebble Time is considered to be the best smartwatch for Android users. So, while Pebble will definitely be unable to beat the Apple Watch in terms of anything, this smartwatch may be able to conquer the Android market.

So, the Apple Watch works exclusively with the iPhone, which means that Android users have no other choice than opt for something else. The Pebble Time seems to be a little bit more pleasant than watches that run Android operating system, which might make it the primary choice for numerous users.

The device can be purchased at the cost of $199, being a true spiritual successor to the Casio Calculator watch, which can turn out attract numerous users.

Moreover, the device is available in red, white or black, which means that users may find this smartwatch interesting also when it comes to perfectly accessorizing their looks. The new device also comes with color e-paper display, which is without a doubt a great addition, making the whole product look more livid.

When it comes to battery life, Pebble has also managed to impress. The device offers more than five days battery, as some tests showed. Pebble claimed that the device's life can last up to seven days on a single charge and it seems that the famous company has not disappointed its fans.

The fact that the product is easily customizable is also a thing that fans will surely appreciate. Users can also install as many watch faces as they want. The system also runs well, so users will most likely be pleased with it.

Still, analysts seem to believe that the feature that users will find to be most interesting at this watch is actually the Timeline feature. With this feature and the use of the up and down button, information will be displayed in chronological order and divided into past, present and future.

However, the device will not allow users to create content or compose a text message from scratch, which users may not like that much.

Without a doubt, the Pebble Time is not at all a competitor to the Apple Watch, having much smaller ambitions than the impressive device that Apple released. Still, depending on what customers expect from such a product, the Pebble can turn out being a good choice.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Google to Launch 2 Nexus Phones

Google seems to be trying to keep it up with its competitors on the market and the famous company is now said to be working at the release of no less than 2 Nexus phones. The Nexus lineup has always been quite successful, so such a release may not be a bad idea. Well, rumors indicate that the two Nexus smartphones that the company plans on launching this year actually are a normal-sized phone from LG and a phablet from Huawei.

Rumors indicate that Google will release both devices in October, although, as imagined, nothing has been confirmed on this matter. Actually, everything that has been exposed now was in fact released due to a leak. What rumors seem to indicate is that even though Google will be focusing on its smartphone lineup, the popular company will not do the same for its tablet lineup.

So, Google fans might be disappointed to find out that the popular company will not release a new Nexus tablet this year. Well, this is what is speculated, but it does not mean that Google could not impress everyone and also release such a new device.

When it comes to the new smartphones, rumors are not that revealing, either. So, there is no information on the specs they are set to feature, on the resolution or storage capacity of the two devices. However, analysts seems to believe that LG's phone will come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, while Huawei will feature the Snapdragon 810 processor on its new device.

One thing is expected from both devices: to increase battery life. Battery life has actually been a common problem for many smartphone makers, who have been trying to address this issue for quite some time. It is yet unknown if Google managed to do so with its upcoming devices. According to the latest reports, they will come with a 2700mAh battery and 3500mAh battery, respectively.

Will Google release two new phones? The rumors are without a doubt curious, as Google is not particularly known for such releases. Actually, the famous company has always released just once flagship device at a time. Maybe, the tech giant is being inspired by Apple, which has become quite well-known for releasing two new iPhone models at once.

Moreover, releasing both models might be something required by the market, given that there are numerous users in the world who love phablets and Google seems to be willing to respond to their needs. Rumors also indicate that the company plans on releasing both phone models all around the world. Well, on this aspect, opinions are shared. Some seem to believe that Google will release two Nexus phones for two different parts of the world, at costs and featuring specs that are most likely to be popular in each area.

Well, in just a few months, we will be able to find out exactly what will be released on the market. This year promises to come with a series of new devices and the tech world may be able to impress with the new releases.
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Monday, May 25, 2015

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Instagram Launches Highlights Email Service

Instagram does not seem to need to find a new way to keep users engaged, as the social media app is enjoying a great popularity. However, when it comes to communication and tech world, things are evolving so quickly that there is no wonder that the famous company is willing to introduce some improvements to its services.

So, Instagram will be launching the so-called "highlights" email service, with the main purpose to keep users engaged.

Allegedly, the new app will function quite simply: it will send emails to users to show them exactly what they have missed when they did not log into the social media app.

The unsolicited email digest will contain what Instagram considered to be the most interesting posts from people followed by a particular user.

Allegedly, the app will be able to make people once again interested in Instagram. So, the app aims to show users who have not engaged with the social media app in a while, exactly what they have been missing. Of course, the goal is to make them once again show interest in Instagram.

Well, this is the first time when Instagram has sent such emails to users, so it is yet to see how they will react to them. Some analysts alleged that the popular app actually needed this change.

So, experts claimed that although Instagram is known to have more than 300 million monthly users, these numbers actually also include numerous individuals who hardly engage with the social media app.

This is why some claimed that people actually need Highlights to help them remember exactly what they have been missing.

It surely seems that Instagram is not the only social media that needs to remind users to access their accounts and check other people's posts. Twitter did the same. The famous social network already launched a Highlights feature, which is set to send notifications to users twice each day.

So, Facebook remains the only social media giant which has not added such a feature, at least not yet.

However, it seems that the popular company would also be interested in introducing it. Reports indicate that younger people tend to use less and less Facebook, which is without a doubt interested in making people stay on the social network.

So, analysts believe that Facebook is also interested in the idea of mailing and texting users with these daily Highlights. Pinterest also sends email notifications to users, letting them known when their friends join or when someone pins something new.

Are people less interested in social media nowadays? It definitely looks like a change might occur in this area of communication. All companies are interested in drawing and maintaining users, as engagement is highly important. However, it is important to mention that all these services allow users to opt out in case they find their emails or notifications annoying.

The fact that companies allow users to not receive this service is important, as otherwise they would only spam people, who would most likely be even less interested in engaging into everyday use of the social media app or network.
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Google's Android Next Update: Fingerprint Support

Smartphones are no longer used just for communication. In fact, these smart devices are a very important part of the user's everyday life.

People tend to store a lot of personal and sensitive information on these devices, including passwords, pictures or messages.

Protecting a phone's security has become crucial in this context, so there is no wonder that operating system developers are thinking about ways to make sure that security and privacy will be more difficult to compromise.

Google has surely joined this team, considering new ways to secure user information on its Android operating system. Rumors indicate that the next update that the famous tech giant will make to the Android operating system will actually be full support for fingerprint sensors.

This update aims to allow developers to add fingerprint sensing into their applications and allow users to freely benefit of security all across the Android operating system.
Google's Android Next Update: Fingerprint Support

Reports indicate that Google will make the big release at the upcoming Google I/O conference that is set to take place soon.

Of course, if the rumors turn out being true, this will actually be the first step of the fingerprint authentication process.

So, this means that for now Google will actually launch an application programming interface for fingerprint sensing to developers. Developers are expected to take the new technology and integrate it into their apps with the purpose to make the authentication process controlled by fingerprint.

Depending on level to which Google will bring its new feature, this can turn out being revolutionary or not.

If the fingerprint support will only be limited to apps, then Google will just introduce on the market something that Apple's iOS software has been having for quite some time. The iOS supports the Touch ID fingerprint across both the operating system and third party apps.

At the moment, Android devices, including the smartphones released by Apple, come only with fingerprint sensors that allow users to lock and unlock their devices.

However, this could be translated into much more and can even turn out being a way to secure a device. Fingerprint sensors in app authentication could mean that users will be able to open their email or banking application easily and maybe also more securely.

So, security may be the main reason why this technology can turn out being great, but convenience should not be ignored, either.

Just placing the finger to log into applications means that users don't have to memorize passwords or fear that someone will see their passwords while trying to log in. So, it seems that in this context, fingerprint-based technology is actually becoming a much-have feature.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed on this matter. In fact, Google is yet to confirm even the fact that it plans on launching a new update to its operating system for mobile devices.

This means that it is yet to discover exactly what Apple has prepared for next. Moreover, one of the most curious facts about the rumored release is how Google plans on securing data. Naturally, this is also something yet to be discovered.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

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Microsoft Celebrates 25 Years of Solitaire

Microsoft has managed to introduce a series of new features and technologies throughout its history. One of the interesting parts of the famous company's history is actually the popular Solitaire. The game that has always been part of Windows, and has actually been quite popular among people from all over the world, was a success for the tech giant.

Solitaire has been a game easily accessible to anyone who had the Windows operating system installed on their devices and this game has actually been played at least once by everyone. Now, Solitaire has celebrated 25 years, despite the huge competition that the most recent years have brought on the gaming market.

"It was 25 years ago that Microsoft Solitaire debuted on Windows, and to honor the decades of fun it's given us all, we're celebrating with two big competitions," a blog post from Windows said. 

This means that Microsoft has found a really special way of celebrating the 25th anniversary of its game that made history. Microsoft will actually be hosting a tournament.

Microsoft employees already organized an internal competition, while on June 5, the best team will show its skills against the public, at the launch of an online tournament. The competition is said to be opened to all game models, including FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, TriPeaks and Pyramid.

Solitaire was first released on Windows 3.0 version. It continued to be featured in all Windows updates, until the Windows 7, which was the last featuring it. This means that Solitaire was featured on hundreds of millions of computers, being played by millions of users. Windows 8 did not feature Solitaire, but it seems that Windows users did not appreciate at all the change.

So, there is no wonder after all that Solitaire is said to be returning to Windows 10, although it will come in a brand new form, the Windows Solitaire Collection. It has been claimed that in Windows 10, users won't have to play the game in full screen mode. Well, it is yet to see how the competition will evolve, but it definitely seems to be really interesting.

Meanwhile, Microsoft seems to be focusing on a deep change. The famous company recently announced that it plans on changing everything that users knew about email. So, speculation emerged indicating that the tech giant started working on a new email app. According to rumors, the new app is called Flow and will offer users fast, fluid, as well as natural conversations.

So, it seems that Microsoft is interested in this app as a possibility to enter the world of instant messaging services, which are without a doubt extremely popular nowadays. Moreover, Flow is said to be aiming to combine the email with instant messages, to provide something new and unique to the
customer. Some analysts claimed that this app will actually complement the Outlook and will be similar to the Skype Qik.

Microsoft has not officially introduced the new app yet, so it is yet to see if rumors will be confirmed after all.
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Monday, May 18, 2015

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Mozilla to Roll out Suggested Tiles Based on Users' Browsing Habits

The battle for supremacy among browsers is becoming stronger. As the competition is getting tougher, it seem that popular browsers are actually searching for ways to improve quality and enhance user experience.

Mozilla is just the latest browser to bring some changes that aim to focus more on user experience. However, the famous company seems to also be interested in enhancing its profits, so it rolled out a new platform, named Suggested Tiles.

Suggested Tiles is an advertising experience that delivers content recommendations that are relevant for the user in a transparent way while at the same time respecting their privacy, and giving them complete control over the experience," according to the company.
The new platform actually aims to help Mozilla sell advertising within the Firefox browser. Of course, the new platform was designed especially for advertisers.

According to analysts, it will actually function in a similar method with Google's strategy, using a user's Web search history with the purpose to load advertisements within Google Adsense.

How will the new platform work?

Well, the process is quite simple. The new platform will register the sites that are most visited by each user. Basing on the history of browsing of each particular user, advertisers will get suggestions. However, according to Mozilla, users' rights will not be violated by the new feature.

Mozilla Tiles Based on Users' Browsing Habits
In fact, the famous company claimed that users will get the possibility to completely avoid side suggestions.

All that users need to do is to opt for a blank page when opening a new Firefox tag. Moreover, Mozilla ensured users that personal data won't be offered to advertisers, regardless of whether they opt in or out of the Suggested Tiles function.

This means that when the user will open a new tab after the feature is released, he will be informed about Suggested Tiles and will also be informed that he can turn off the feature. Users will be able to turn off the feature anytime when they desire, the company claimed.

So, what Mozilla is trying to do with the new feature is to put relevant ads in front of Firefox users, while assuring them that user privacy will be respected at all time. The company did not announce the exact date when the feature will be launched.

However, sources claimed that most likely this will happen sometime during the summer. Until then, Mozilla is expected to launch a new feature within the Beta version.

The fact that Mozilla will be making this release is not shocking at all. The popular company owns about 18.2 percent market share on desktop computers, while the leader is Google Chrome, with 52.96 percent.

So, many analysts have claimed that this is a technique that Mozilla is planning on using with the main purpose to boost its income. Advertisements are one of the best ways for these companies to make money and thus, Mozilla's decision was quite expected.

Mozilla has also recently announced its intention to release Firefox OS, an open-source mobile operating system, based on the Firefox browser technology.
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Windows 10 for Phones will be released after the version for PCs

Microsoft is surely ready to make some new releases and the famous company is well-known to be working at the launch of Windows 10 for phones.

The new operating system promises to bring a series of new features and an amazing usability. However, the update for phones will actually come after Microsoft will make the release for PCs.

The announcement was actually made by Microsoft, in a blog post. The famous company also revealed that the Windows 10 for phone will bring Windows Store beta, Movies & TV page, as well as Universal Office apps such as Word, Excel, but also PowerPoint and OneNote Preview and Xbox app, the Music Preview app and the Video Preview app.

The new operating system will also come with a New Camera app. This update is said to feature HDR, video stabilization, as well as face-based autofocus.

Without a doubt, all these are interesting features that users will definitely enjoy. However, user might have to wait for quite some time until they will be able to access them.
Windows 10 PC version

Moreover, Microsoft announced now that the free upgrade for the new operating system will not be supported on the PCs that are running a pirated version of Windows 7 or Windows 8.

However, this does not mean that the users who have such a version won't be able to access the new OS at all. So, people who are using a pirated copy of Windows on their device will most likely have to pay if they want to upgrade to Windows 10.
Microsoft and our OEM partners know that many consumers are unwitting victims of piracy, and with Windows 10, we would like all of our customers to move forward with us together. 

While our free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will not apply to Non-Genuine Windows devices, and as we’ve always done, we will continue to offer Windows 10 to customers running devices in a Non-Genuine state," a statement shared by the famous company on its blog indicated.

Microsoft claimed that it expected for Windows 10 to be installed on no less than 1 billion devices around the world.

And besides the already mentioned features, it seems that the popular company has added another thing that people love and that will come with the update: Candy Crush. Microsoft just revealed that the highly popular Candy Crush Saga will be automatically installed on users' devices when they upgrade to Windows 10.

However, it is yet unsure how this will work, as it has been claimed that the game will be accessible on the new OS at least for a period of time.

Still, there were no indications on when that period of time begins and when it ends. However, Microsoft claimed that Windows 10 will allow players to transfer their progress to iOS or Android devices, which is without a doubt great news for players who want to complete all the levels of the popular game. Candy Crush has no less than 1,615 levels at the moment.
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